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1 Stock Make It On Today's Mining & Metal Stock Watchlist 

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We added 1 stock to our Mining & Metal Stock Watchlist today because they are receiving Bullish Sentiment from investors and financial bloggers.

In addition, they are generating positive media buzz and/or have insider trading signals which came to our attention.  This list below is subject to change on a daily basis, so please be sure you subscribe to our email newsletter.

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Enviva, EVA
Summary: Enviva Inc. is a producer of industrial wood pellets, a renewable and sustainable energy source produced by aggregating a natural resource, wood fiber, and processing it into a transportable form, wood pellets. Enviva Inc., formerly known as Enviva Partners LP, is based in BETHESDA, Md.
  • Last Price: $59.87
  • Price Change: $1.34, 2.29%
  • Yearly Gain: -11.95%
  • Market Cap: $3.91B
  • P/E Ratio: -29.085

Here are 3rd party ratings for EVA:

  • Moderate Buy
  • n/a (possibly response change)
  • Yahoo! Finance: Bearish Short-Term Outlook
  • Strong sell
  • Hold, Top 32% (81 out of 251)

What is the sentiment on the street regarding Enviva (Current ratings compiled by

  • News Sentiment: Very Bullish
  • Blogger Consensus: Bullish
  • Media Buzz: High
  • Insider Signal: Positive
  • Investor Sentiment: Very Positive
  • Hedge Fund signal: Positive

If you are interested in EVA or any stocks within the Basic Materials sector, you might want to click here and check out this report. The stock market is extremely volatile, and you need to do your own research on EVA before you decide to make any investment.

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