RBC Capital Analyst Reiterates Buy Rating on Parex Resources, PARXF

Luke Davis
analyst at RBC Capital reiterates coverage on Parex Resources (PARXF) in the Utilities sector with a Buy rating. has Davis rated as a 5 star analyst with a 63% return on investment and a 40% success rate. Davis has set a price target of $ 26.9. reports that Parex Resources currently has 5 analysts offering 12-month price targets and the consensus is a Strong Buy rating with an average price target is $29.59. The target pricing ranges from a high forecast of $30.82 down to a low forecast of $26.97. Parex Resources (PARXF)’s last closing price was $$18.27  which would put the average price target at 61.96% upside.

In addition, TradingView issued a n/a rating for PARXF over the next month, has a Weak sell rating and Yahoo! Finance has a Neutral short-term outlook. Remember, securities are volatile, so please do your own research on PARXF.

Other analysts covering PARXF include...

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